North American Capuchine Club
North American Capuchine Club
Est. 1985
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The Northamerican Capuchine Club was founded in 1984 with ten charter members. Of those ten, Frank Soto and Layne Gardner remain active breeders today. As with most organizations there have been membership ups and downs and even a name change from the original American Capuchine Club. Currently there are over 50 members with numbers on the rise. The NCC is the only specialty club devoted to the Old Dutch Capuchine in the United States. The club has members not only in North America but we also have members in Australia, Belgium, the Bahamas and Germany. Membership in the Northamerican Capuchine club includes a few things. One is a quarterly bulletin put out by Bob Salwey that is filled with photos, articles, show results and news. We also have an Awards Program which includes master breeder and master judge awards.

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